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Bed Bug Bite Identification

Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small flat wingless insects that feed on people and animals. These insects are reddish brown in color, about 1/4 inch, 1mm to 7mm long and are oval in shape. The baby bed bug is yellowish and has a darker band around the middle. Bed bugs are found worldwide and maybe picked in hotels, theaters, subways, or infected homes. They can survive for many months even without food. Bed bugs live in various places such as crevices, walls, furniture, mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, and other areas of the house. They crawl to areas where humans sleep and feed on them. Bed bugs being nocturnal creatures bite at night. Their host won’t be able to feel when they bite because these insects put out a certain substance that numbs their victim and this substance helps the blood to flow smoothly into the bed bugs’ bodies. When this person wakes up the next day he will find some signs to show that he has been a dinner for several groups of bed bugs. A feeling of itchiness is an indication of a bed bug bite. By observing the appearance of the itching, he would see swollen red bumps in a parallel line down his body which maybe a sign or symptom of a bed bug bite.

Bed bugs travel in groups and make a line of bites right down a person’s skin. A bed bug bite usually produces a slight irritation and may show large welts on the skin. If the bites and swelling are numerous, these may cause systemic poisoning in some people. Bed bug bites are almost always in a straight line unlike other insect bites. Bed bugs usually bite on the arms and shoulders but there is a chance that they can bite any part of the body. Bed bug bites will heal on its own but if the person bitten scratches the area of the bite this might lead to infection and other secondary skin disorder.
For us to determine bed bug bites it is helpful to be able to identify other insect bites so as to better deal with a particular bite and make the correct choices in using the right medication and care of an insect bite. Different insects have their own brand of bites. Take for example, Ticks. These insects like warm, moist areas on the body such as the groin and armpits. They would borough deep into the skin and suck the blood from their host.

Fleas like to feed on animals, but they also bite on humans. Flea bites look like a bed bump with a tiny pin size hole in the center. Fire ants are like hive bites and they burn and itch. A small amount of pus could be found in the center of the bite.

Some people may be allergic to insect bites and may cause their death if not treated right away. This information would surely help the reader to make proper precaution when it comes to insect bites and to bed bug bites in particular.

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Female bed bugs can lay up to five eggs a day and 500 during a lifetime, so call us today at 877-98-PESTS or fill out the form below before your small problem becomes a big one.